Anders posted Jan 2 at 7:54 am
hello everyone I'm new here in the forum and would like to share a few things I would like in the next in the series of "farming simulator", now it is since 2008 that the game in this simulator and there are still some things I do not like for example:
the ground always rismasto a square table I'd like to see irregularities, moats, a dynamic soil;
I'd like to see the irrigation, the seasons
recent by Jason  ·  Jan 2 at 8:05 am
Haldor posted Jan 2 at 7:24 am
Hello, anybody try play this game? Screnshoots looks very good. But i think there is no mods on it.Found one website but its just information

coolfarmer posted Jan 2 at 7:15 am
I found one website witch have some mods for this game and it probably the best to me:
Maybe someone from you try make some mods? I think we can transform mods form FS17 to CnC with Giants softwere

My friends and I are using the Nicolonia map. It is great as it is a large sized map with lots of industries and lots of stuff to do. We should be enjoying it but there is one aspect of the map that is killing it for us.

The creator of the map made it so the industries close at 18:00 and do not open up again until 7:00. The problem is that we are an international group of friends from multipl
recent by Nuno  ·  Jan 2 at 7:10 am
abies posted Sep 30 '17 at 11:02 am
Hi guys

So does anybody know if there is a paver being developed for Farmsim 2017? I am looking for a drive-able paver that you can use to pave roads and build roads. In farmsim 2017 on some of the maps like the mining construction map, you can manufacture asphalt (tar) and truck it to a static paver on the side of the road, but all you can do is dump the asphalt into the paver and then it is
recent by Marcel  ·  Jan 2 at 7:09 am

Hello! May I ask!? The author, you idiot! I just do not understand, the author of at least interested in what people write about its creation, that is, on his chart? Once again I ask, to correct the error with BGA and silo bins (pits)

p.s. How can I contact the author for communication?

recent by sphinx  ·  Jan 2 at 7:04 am
assistchief15 posted Dec 3 '17 at 6:09 pm

I'm having problems with the mod. I can't get the mod to work right.
I can fill, but do nothing else. The drum will not turn and will not raise or lower, and I can not unwind it. Any help would be nice.

recent by Kenny  ·  Jan 2 at 7:00 am
Viking posted Jun 20 '17 at 12:08 pm
hi guys i was wondering if you could help me with a problem i have. i get too much grain out of fields 1000 l per ft almost, and everyone i see play gets like maybe 50-100 pr ft

is there a way to make fields yield less?

recent by Viking  ·  Jun 20 '17 at 12:11 pm
Farmer posted Jun 13 '17 at 10:07 am
Build your farming empire across four continents in Pure Farming 2018, coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One early 2018.

Parad posted Jun 7 '17 at 1:19 pm
I am getting FS17 soon but I'll probably wait for the summer sale. I have never played a FS game before but I've watched many videos and it looks really good. Especially multiplayer. But I want to know, what is your favourite thing about fs17?

recent by predator  ·  Jun 7 '17 at 1:23 pm
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